14 October 2010

Rylie is growing up!

If you haven't read much of my blog, here's a tidbit about me.  I love babies and I love my nieces!

I got to see Rylie last weekend and she is growing like a weed!  She's so petite and has the bluest eyes on the planet!

Not to mention the most adorable expressions!

And okay, okay, I say that about all of my nieces.

But check out those chubby little cheeks!

Daniel (my brother, her dad) calls this her "tripod."  I call it totally adorable.

Precious baby moments.

And for the record, I love her cute little frown!  I think it's her normal face, except that her cheeks are so big, it makes it looks like she's frowning.

Rylie, I can't believe how you are growing up!

1 comment:

AnniePressley said...

She's growing and I haven't even met her! :(

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