13 September 2010

When two babies are in the picture. Part 1

Rather than inundate you with a zillion pictures of Rylie and Sunaura, my nieces, I'll break this up into a few posts.  You've already seen one here.

Here are two of my nieces.  Are they not adorable?

On the left (with the bib) is Sunaura.  I've already nicknamed her Sunny in my mind but have yet to call her that.  I pretty much spend all our time together trying to make her like me.  She's over a year old but if she was born on her due date she would only be 11 months old in this picture.

And on the right (in the green) is Rylie.  She's almost 6 months old.

I love how these girls couldn't be more opposite.  Sunaura is tan, Rylie is pale.  Rylie has tons of hair, Sunaura has peach fuzz.  Sunaura has brown eyes, Rylie has blue.  Sunaura will stare you down and dare you to make her crack a smile, while Rylie will show every last bit of her gums in a huge smile because she saw a tree she liked.

But they have a lot in common, too.  Like, when they smile, the world becomes a better place.  I'm pretty sure of it.  These little girls and their smiles are oh-so-magical.

And there are moments like these...

That's Sunaura sitting her her grandma's lap, holding her uncle's finger.  The magic of the wonder in a child's eye.

And then there's this...

Do I need to say anything?  She loves carrots.

It's because she hasn't had cake yet.

Watch out, world.  Another batch of Pressley's are making their mark in this world!

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