09 September 2010

Giddy Up!

As with every holiday, my family had a cookout.

Okay, so we don't have cookouts in the winter.

But we do have get togethers.  I'll have to tell you about in-law corner sometime.

But now there are two babies in the picture.  Look at these cuties!  And they love riding on shoulders.  And more importantly, playing with hair.

Please take note of the top two pictures in this collage.  Laughing that hard will help work out your abs.  You're welcome.

Rewind.  Did you SEE this picture?

I think I need to make up a song about that picture!

And then Sunaura.  While Rylie is smiley Rylie, Sunaura is not big on the whole smiling thing.  I think she just doesn't see the point in it unless something is truly funny.

I think something was funny!  I think it's safe to say that these two love to play with hair!

Tee-hee!!!  Tell me you didn't just smile from looking at that!

And finally, I love the sweet moments when a baby reaches for you.  On the left is Sunaura reaching for her big sister.  How precious!  Then on the right is where she stays most of the time when she's up at my family's house: in her daddy's lap.

It's her safety zone.  So precious!

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