Cast of Characters

The awesome-amazing-chef-musician-singer-artist-superman of a husband.

There's really nothing he can't do.  I'm convinced.  He is my hero.  He's my best friend in the whole wide world.  He's a dreamer who knows how to get things done.  He's incredibly disciplined.  And the best chef you'll ever have.  His work ethic is insane.  He will be a GREAT father for our children and most importantly, he has a heart for God.

I've often thought about making a pseudonym for him on here, but always figured that no one would really like to read about "Mr. Smokin' Hot!" all the time.  So he's Josh.


I'm a southern gal.  I love blogging, taking pictures, and my family.  I want a zillion kids, just not yet.  I love my life, my husband, our two dogs, and our cat.  Our apartment is awesome and I like it much better than living in a house.  We're debt free.

Our kiddos.

Please don't let them know they're animals.  Max may be okay with it-- he has his suspicions.

Jigsaw- Jig is my baby.  He's 10, born on March 17 (St. Patty's day!) and he's a red Jack-Russell Terrier.  I know his genealogy.  He comes running when I cry-- it's the only time he cuddles.  He's a touch-me-not just like me.  He follows me to the bathroom and growls at Josh if he feels like it.  It's all empty threats though.  He may have killed a cat and several goats in his lifetime.  But he's a lover, not a fighter.  He was also the reason for Josh & I's (my's?) first argument.

Max- Maxie was Josh's dog from when he was in high school.  He's a dachshund and enjoys walking running in circles on three legs.  The faster he runs, the more he likes you.  He is pretty sure he's a dog.  If Max was a person you would see him with a comb-over eating by himself at McDonald's.  You would wonder if he just liked to eat by himself or if he was the loneliest person on earth and needed someone to care about him.  Quite the opposite of Jig, Max loves to cuddle.  He often gets beat up by the cat.

Ellie- She thinks she is our princess.  Our bedroom is her kingdom and our entire bed is her throne.  We got her as a kitten after our last cat, Elvis, made the unfortunate choice to play in the road.  I can't even tell you how we came up with her name because it's not nice.  You'll never figure it out.  Occasionally we torture her by taking her outside.  She is not de-clawed and often reminds Jigsaw of that.  Then I remind her that he's killed a cat before.  Then she reminds me that he's a lover not a fighter.  And then he licks her ear.  It's gross and I tell them to break it up.

My family.

My family is... crazy. fun. dysfunctional. functional. loving. touch-me-not. weird. normal.  What I mean to say is that they're just like every other family in America.  We're not the Duggars, but there is a fair amount of us.

And my siblings.  They tortured me through childhood, so this is payback time.  Ok, not really. The three on the left are my older brothers.  And then on the right is our baby sister.

I will always talk about them on here.  My middle school years were just too rough to forget.
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