08 May 2010

Ramp Convention - Part Three- People

This post was intended to showcase the people at the Ramp Convention.

But who am I kidding?

It's all about Rylie.

She's my niece, and on this day, she was 6.5 weeks old.

Cute. as. a. Bug's. Ear.

See?  I cannot tell a lie.  She's adorable!

And we matched!  I'm so honored.

But let's not be silly.  It's not all about Rylie.  This, for example, is Rylie's dad, Daniel.

Well this picture certainly looks familiar...

Hey, that's Daniel's dog, Spud!  And I'm not entirely cheating... this is from the Ramp Convention a few years back.

Anywho... back to Rylie.  I need a caption for this picture.

Look who is totally warming up to 8 pound human beings!  This guy used to turn up his nose at anything less than 10 pounds.  That's just how cute Rylie is!

I love this picture.  No clue who took it, but this kid is precious!  He's waiting in line for ice cream.

Ooohhhh... Rylie is finally smiling at her Nene!  For the longest time she wouldn't look at her unless someone else was holding her.

And that makes Nene very happy!

Uh oh... what's this?  Is someone rocking Rylie to sleep?

Looks like it's working...

... and BAM!  Just like that, this kid is out!

Hope you enjoyed the people of the Ramp Convention!*

*there were actually more people there... it's just that when I see Rylie I get a little... preoccupied with how adorable she is.


But I was serious.  I really do want a caption for this picture.  I'll be choosing the winner on Monday night.

Leave a comment or if you're against that type of thing, just leave a comment on my facebook. ;)

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