14 September 2010

When two babies are in the picture. Part 2

Bear with me on these pictures.  I was playing with my camera settings all night trying out new things and some of them didn't work out at all.  But... I love the pictures even if they are totally off in most every way photography-wise.

Try not to scream and run.

I love this picture.  It's Sunaura and her daddy.  Something about a grown man holding a baby and a miniature baby doll.  It's precious.  What's even more adorable?  Sunaura hates wearing hats, and also hates it when her baby dolls wear hats.  I had forgotten this and put the hat on her baby.  Here, Joey was saying, "No!  Get that hat off the baby!" to Sunaura and she was totally agreeing with him in her own baby way.

Brace yourself.  Here's another [blurry] cute one.  But it turns sour quick.  Here, Rylie is playing with a cell phone, absolutely loving it.  I learned last weekend that babies love cell phones and computers.

But this picture?  This picture captures just how well Rylie has learned to play us.  We will do anything and everything to make Rylie (and Sunaura) happy.  Sunaura knows it a little bit.  But Rylie?  This girl will play it up like nobody's business!

Clearly, something was wrong with this particular cell phone.

Don't worry, honey, I feel the same way sometimes.  I'd like to say that I don't cry like that.

But I do.

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