28 April 2010


Oh lordy.  Once my family sees this they're going to kill me.


Last week I shared this, a great deal from Blue Frame Photography.  I wasn't just talking.  I'm taking them up on the offer (it's still available- until May 1st).

But instead of doing a trash-the-dress as Josh and I had planned for our 4th anniversary (we'd also planned on losing weight for said pictures), we decided to do some family pictures.

But that's not why they're going to kill me.

Although I haven't talked to them all about it yet.

Anywho, we haven't had a family picture made in 10 years.

Mainly because there are 983729486520348 of us.

Give or take a few.

This is why we need family pictures.

Because when people want to see pictures of my family, this is what I have to show them. 

And for some reason, they don't like it.

They've threatened me with old pics of myself.  They have a case-- those pics are awful.  But I've already posted pics of my messy spare bedroom.  And back-to-back posts about funnel cakes and losing weight.  It's clear that I have no shame.

Aww... see?  These are my parents.  

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