07 July 2010

O Say Can You See?

I think these pictures pretty much speak for themselves.  So here's an all-American 4th of July!

We played a game.  It was called, "pass the baby."

She woke up! And no, this isn't my sister, this is my cousin.

Josh had pink-eye this weekend.  Poor guy didn't get to hold Rylie the entire weekend!  But Max gave him some extra lovin'.

This is the first time I'd seen Sweet Pea since she went to the beauty parlor (as my grandfather called it).  Sweet Pea technically belongs to Daniel (Rylie's dad), but she's a nomadic dog, really... going wherever they feed her better and give her more attention.  She moved in with my grandparents a few years ago, on account of them feeding her canned dog food instead of dry.  If you'll notice, she doesn't even wear a collar anymore!  s.p.o.i.l.e.d.   But we all love her!

Sweet Pea, by the way, is Jigsaw's mommy.

This seemed like a great idea: a mini hot air balloon.  Up, up, and away!

Ooof.  Not so much.  It went straight for the tree.

Such a bummer.  But hey, think of all the excitement we had in watching it in anticipation wondering if it's going to make the woods burst into flames!

Back to Rylie cutie pie.  Dega (my grandmother- the queen of red-white-and-blue) had decorated with mini American flags everywhere.  

So I handed one to Rylie and we had a hay-day trying to get a cute picture.  They all turned out cute!

And then, of course, we have Hammer, the king of fireworks.  He's the one in white in the middle.  July 4th is his unofficial birthday because it's his favorite day of the year!  He likes to eat fireworks, which is pretty dangerous, which is why he's constantly being restrained.

Any any 4th of July wouldn't be complete without a game of Jacks in the sky, right?

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