12 July 2010


I've never been the most perceptive person on earth.  My husband will change his hairstyle several times a year and it takes me no time to get used to it-- I barely even notice.  And he's the love of my life.

I skim things.  Except situations.  I go into detail on those.

But things?  People?  Decorations?  Barely notice them.  I do remember a few years back I was in a person's house that had decorative owls everywhere.  There was another house that had dolls pinned to the wall by their clothing.  Those I remember.  But if my mom rearranges the furniture at her house?  I may never notice it.

One of my brothers has had either a mullet or long hair for his entire life.  He shaved it off a few years ago.  I barely registered it.  Sure, I noticed... because people were making a big deal about it.  But it's not like every time I saw him after that it shocked me.

I also tend to not question things that I don't need the answer to.  I may ask out of curiosity, but unless it's a life threatening situation, I tend to not ask questions.

So last week when my husband asked where all these heads came from, I didn't know the answer.

I'd seen them on and off my whole life.  They were part of my dad's trinkets collection (I'm sure he's never thought of it as a collection-- it's just how I categorize it in my mind).  It fits right in with the indian statue he used to have (my sister's first kiss/boyfriend) and the 100 miniature elephants carved from ivory, in a bean.  That's also the same collection that the "something old" for my wedding came from.

But where on earth did these heads come from?  Why is there such an assortment?  And how did they end up on my parents deck?

I can tell you right now that I didn't see them for a lot of my childhood.  Much like the deer heads, they were exiled from my mother's living room.

After my husband asked the question, my sister immediately jumped in and proved an important piece of my childhood to be true: "They're the 7 dwarfs!"

In case you can't tell... these look absolutely nothing like Snow White's 7 dwarfs.  And are there any other 7 dwarfs?

It proves that we were totally lied to as kids.  My dad and brothers would say whatever they could think of to mess with us.  And it's hard to discern what is true and untrue now that we're adults.

Like the baby coffin in my great-grandmother's garage.  Still don't know the truth about that one.

So... they're not the 7 dwarfs, although we did have a fabulous time deciding exactly which ones were dwarfs, since all you could see were their heads.

As it turns out, my dad bought them back before I was born and painted them.  And they're after real people (I think? Maybe that's another childhood tale...)

So I have two questions for you?

-Can you figure out which head is who?
-Where you also told tall tales as a child, and had to figure out which ones were true as an adult?


AnniePressley said...

Baby coffin. :( I remember that one.

Katherine said...

Great blog you have here, i just stopped by and i love it-- nice work :)

K xx

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