28 July 2011

Has it really been another year?

As I started typing this post, I couldn't quite believe that it's been a whole year since I posted this one.

It was also quite convenient because I couldn't remember how long they'd been married.   38 years ago today my parents got married.

I know a few details of their wedding day.

-They had a pastel yellow cake with daisies on it.  My mom loved daisies & they wouldn't show up well on a white cake.

-My dad & his groomsmen picked flowers out of all the neighbors yards.  Not sure if that was for the bouquets or the centerpieces for the reception.

-Speaking of the reception-- one of my grandfathers barely made it in time.

-My mom's youngest sister wasn't there because she was still a baby (or at least under 2) & the mother of the bride has a lot to deal with on that day without taking care of a baby, too!

-My dad had long hair.

-My mom's veil is now back in style.

-They got married on Hickam AFB in Hawaii.  They also honeymooned in Hawaii (I mean really, where else would you go?)

My favorite story of their wedding was them going to their honeymoon.  My dad had changed out of his tux, but his twin brother had not.  My mom was still in her dress.  The groomsmen drove them to their hotel & when they got there, everyone assumed that my uncle was the groom.  Awkward!  Even more awkward, the groomsmen piled in their room and started chatting away.  It wasn't long before my parents shooed them out, though!

For the record, my parents are going to kill me when they read this, but I hope it brings enough enjoyment to the rest of you to make up for it!

Congrats on 38 years!

And as usual, my poor brother ends up with a small blurb at the end of my parents anniversary post.  Happy Birthday, Daniel!  You got your own anniversary post, so just smile and have a good day!  Well... tomorrow, since tomorrow is your birthday!

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