27 July 2011

Mac vs. PC -- which are you?

Awhile back I happened upon this list of facts & it totally cracked me up!  If you're into the Mac vs. PC debate, or even if you just use a Mac or a PC (which is approximately 77% of you, according to their research), this will make you laugh a little.

If you're not a math person, some of the statistics may throw you off a little, but just skim over those-- most of the others are very clear.

It has stats like who has more formal education, & who is more likely to be a vegetarian.

Here's one more screenshot from the page-- you must go check it out!

Which are you... Mac or PC?  How well do you fit the statistics they shared?  What's your favorite statistic from that page?


mikedominice said...

I don't know how much I trust those stastistics. Jolt Cola? For real? Who drinks Jolt? How did Mountain Dew and Dr. Pepper lose out to any of those?

Cara said...

I am no closer to understanding on which side of the debate I live. Does that make me "unique" or different. LOL. Love being a hybrid!

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