29 July 2011

The only thing I miss about college...

The other day an old marching band friend posted a picture of our old college campus.  As I looked at the pretty brick sidewalk & fountain, I realized that the same area was a road when I was a freshman... and was a grassy area by the time I graduated.

Photo Courtesy of Josh Duckett
This whole circular brick walkway was road, and then grass.  The building to the left used to be a parking lot.

Now I'm someone who loves progress, so seeing these changes bring a smile to my face.  They're building new dorms with... get this... air conditioning.  And tearing down old stinky awful dining halls and putting up nice ones.  For a little university so deep in the mountains that I haven't been back since the day I graduated, (it is not on the way to anywhere) I'd say they're doing pretty well.

But the funny thing is, I don't miss college that much and I don't miss what most people do.  What I really miss is walking to class, sitting in those old seats, taking out a pen and starting a fresh page of notes.  Having the occasional professor that would let you get away with murder and still get an 'A,' and sitting in the UC (common area) sipping Java City coffee & doing homework in between classes.

Oh, and freshman year my dorm was across the street from the gym.  I did 2 workouts a day!

So, I'm weird.  And I didn't make many best friends in college.  I was a little preoccupied with getting married & paying bills.

Did you go to college?  Do you miss it?  What was your favorite part?

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Anonymous said...

You know, I have been thinking about WCU all week as I have been driving across country in order to go to graduate school. But, I must be weird like you, because I am super excited about taking classes again and having ink marks on my hand from smearing notes and/or not putting the cap on the pen tight enough.

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