29 July 2010

A day late and a dollar short.

Actually, I have a dollar, so I'm good on that one.  But yesterday was my parents anniversary.  I knew it was.  I saw it coming.  It's the day before my brother's birthday (different years, y'all).

In other words, I didn't forget it.  I called my mom before 8am this morning and even posted it on facebook.

But, I have a blog, and because they've been married for so long, I feel obligated to share it on here.

37 years.  Thirty seven years.  THIRTY SEVEN YEARS.

That's a long time!

Happy anniversary you two!

Just look at the damage you've caused...

PS: Only five of those are their kids... can you figure out which five?


But now, because it's the next day, I have to also say Happy Birthday to my 2nd oldest brother!

Happy Birthday Daniel!  Dan.  Woah.  Whatever they're calling you these days.

Even though your daughter is quite possibly a monkey (look at her feet...), we still love ya!

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