28 February 2011

Why I hate taking out the trash.

A couple of months ago I wrote about our valet trash service.  It was pretty ridiculous because the way our apartments were set up, no one had to drive to a dumpster.  In fact, it was almost at our doorstep anyway.

No joke, picture taken from our old doorstep. Note green dumpsters.
But boy, it would be soooo helpful here.  There is one dumpster for the whole complex, which means the dreaded driving to the dumpster.  It's so annoying that Josh and I keep putting off taking the trash.  So the other night I decided to be super wife and take the overflowing trash to the dumpster.

It was 2 bags, y'all.  We are 2 people-- it takes a long time for us to fill up 2 bags!

And even though I was being super wife, I still didn't want to take the trash.  So I might have maybe, just a little bit, drug the bags across the ground.

You know when you do something knowing it's a bad idea, but you do it anyway?  Yeah... it was one of those things.

Mainly because there was kitty litter in the bag.


Hello kitty litter all over our walkway, stairs, and falling down to the lower levels.

So then I spent the next 15 minutes cleaning up the mess of my own laziness... and still had to take the trash to the stinkin' dumpster.

The end.

PS: Just looked through my archives and found this hilarious post.  To clarify-- the trash was on our back porch, which we never went on.

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