27 February 2011

Yellow: Update

Last week I wrote about how "Yellow" has really helped our marriage.  Every time one of us gets frustrated or annoyed or feel an argument coming on, we say, "Yellow."

We instantly realize that whatever we're talking about is going to cause an argument, and then, it's really just not worth it.

The other day, Josh told me, "You know, the whole 'yellow' thing is really working out."

And it is!  In fact, we haven't had one argument since we started it.

And let me tell you, for two strong-willed people,  that is amazing.  And really awesome!

I did have to call "yellow" the other day when he started singing 'Yellow Submarine.'  I'd seen the album cover and all, but apparently I'd never heard the song.  I love the Beatles-- they're hanging on my living room wall-- but that song is annoying!

1 comment:

Melanie Reller said...

We've got to try this. I'll bet it just lightens the mood.

And yes, that song is annoying. Thanks for putting it in my head. lol.

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