04 February 2011

Clickin' Chicks

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At the beginning of this year, a friend of mine whom I've never met started a 52 week photo challenge.  It's for anyone who has a camera, and if you want to join in, check it out here.  We call ourselves the Clickin' Chicks.  Each week has a different theme, and it's pretty fun!  Here are the themes we've done so far, with the pictures I submitted.

Week 1: Getting Started!
You've seen this picture before.  This theme was just to get our photography juices flowing.

Week 2: A Few of My Favorite Things
To challenge my creativity, I went for something I'd never done before- a collage within a photo. It didn't turn out exactly as I hoped, but if everything was perfect every time I tried, what would be the point?
My fave things are Josh, my bible, a Dave Ramsey book, my great-grandmother's china, high heels, my camera (the little black piece is my lens cap), my dogs (see the dog bone), and my cat- who just happened to step into the picture at the right moment!

Week 3: Vintage
This is a charm bracelet from 1943 & it says "My Identity." The front part goes over the back part (far right in picture) to create a locking chamber. Originally, it was used like a medical bracelet, with important information kept on a note inside the chamber.

My dad bought this for me several years ago and wrote a sweet note to go on the inside. I will treasure it forever, as part of my identity is where I came from-- my parents and my family.

Vintage can be described as "representing the high quality of a past time." This charm is the vintage that represents my family: the high quality of my past time.

Week 4: In the Kitchen
This couldn't have landed on a better week!  I was taking pictures of a friend's sons and it got very cold and even started snowing, so we went inside for some hot chocolate and a snack.  The older brother suggested to the younger  brother that hot chocolate tasted best with carrots in it.  Here's the result of that:

Week 5: Black & White
Is it cheating to use the same little boy twice?  He's cute, so I say it goes!  I really love black & white conversions when done well.  There needs to be a true white and a true black to provide contrast, and this photo has that mix.  I also love how the textures were brought out with the b&w.

I'll try to add future weeks on here as I remember!

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Rob said...

You've got mad photo skills.

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