05 February 2011

40 friends.

The other day I glanced at a new friend's facebook page.  It said that we have 40 friends in common.

I moved up here less than 2 months ago, and we already have 40 friends in common.  Granted, they're facebook friends, which means I don't have a deep relationship with each and every one of them, but I do know a lot of them fairly well now.  As in, I've eaten a home cooked meal with many of them.

It made me realize how incredibly blessed I am with new friends.  I can't even count how many times Josh & I have had dinner at a friend's house since we moved here.  Game nights?  Oh yeah.

I never would have imagined that we would be blessed with so many friends so quickly.  Friends we can trust.  Friends we can count on.

And you know what?  That is awesome!

I love making new friends, and I'm excited to see our friendships grow even more.  It's no secret that we've moved a lot over the last few years and each time we knew we wouldn't be there for too awful long.  But here, we're settling.  We know we're in a place where we'll raise our family.  Where I'll have playdates with our future kids.  Where we'll go to parent teacher conferences, buy a house, and *gasp* learn the accent.

Heck, I'm already pronouncing "Norfolk" like the locals, which I swore I would never do!

PS: Larry & Mike are apparently my favorites since they're in every picture I seem to have!


LB said...

we're all so happy to have both of you here!!

and put our house on the list for home-cooked meals SOON! (unless hot chocolate and carrots count?)

mikedominice said...

Well, we are pretty legit here.

We're so glad to have you guys!

AnniePressley said...

No one pronounces Louisville as Louieville in KY. Everyone says Louvul. And you can tell when someone isn't from the area.

BluNBlond said...

glad you and Josh are here!

Rachel said...

Glad you're settling in here :)

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