31 January 2011

First Book Review & Giveaway!

A few weeks ago I got a wild hair and ended up at Barnes & Noble.  After spending about 2 hours reading the back or inside cover of every book I saw, I finally landed on two books.  The goal?  To start reading!

Okay, I know that sounds funny, but after college, something inside me said there's so much more to do than read.  And as bad as it sounds, I don't regret it.  Life is happening every minute of every day and I don't really want to pass it up with my nose stuck in a book!

Don't get me wrong, I read, just not a ton.  It may take me months to go through a book.  But when we moved to Virginia, I have a bit more free time (it is nice!) and I figure it's not going to hurt my intelligence to read, so why not?  It may even help with with the whole slow-down-and-be-still thing.  I'm a bit rusty on that as well.

The first book I chose to read was 'Thin is the New Happy' by Valerie Frankel.  It's her memoir related to body image issues she's had since a kid.

I was always that kid- not overly fat or anything, but always seeing a distorted body image.  And honestly, I still struggle with it today.  So that's why I picked this book up.

In short, she's a chronic dieter and it's her journey to being happy with herself.  I was pleasantly surprised that the things she did to overcome her body image issues were out of the norm.  It's a breath of fresh air from the "I talked to my counselor and started writing my feelings down."  No, it's way deeper than that.

She's a very imaginative writer, but doesn't lose you in her creative add-in stories.  Humorous.  And she uses a lot of big words.  Like, BIG words.  As in, I was a professional writing major and I didn't even know these words existed.  But it doesn't get in the way of the flow of the book, and you won't be running to your dictionary for the definition because you'll just want to keep on reading.

Bonus: She has lived a pretty cool life- cool jobs (for the wanna-be writer in me) and a dynamic home life, to say the least.

Overall, I'd give it an A.  I read through it quickly, loved her intelligence level, and was able to relate to her even though our stories aren't identical.  It was a good read.

And now here's your chance to read it!  Leave a comment on this post (make sure there's a way I can get in touch with you- whether it links up to your blog or however you want to handle that).  On Friday, February 4th I'll pick a winner at random and mail it out to you!  Good luck!


Ella Reid said...

Sounds like a great and fast read. Just what I need to fit into my busy life of school and work. And the topic is right up my alley, too. I think all girls and women have an issue with their self image and it has a lot to do with the media. We are shown these super thin models and actresses and made to think we need to look like them. Yet what they don't tell us is the struggles they face. I hope I win, otherwise I'll have to see about getting this book off the shelf myself. :)

p.s.: You know how to get in touch. ;)

Erin Sansotta said...

I just saw this book on TV last week! I never even watch TV, but one day the author was on talking about this book. At first I didn't love the name of it, but now it makes sense. After hearing her talk about it/her story it made me want to read it... so it's already on my list of "books to buy next time I get a gift card."

CT Mom said...

This looks like a great read. Good job on your first book review.

rmccoy1234 at yahoo dot com

Jennifer Lathan said...

I think that giving this book away is a great idea susan! I think nearly every woman struggles with their appearance. Its important to make ourselves feel beautiful so that we can teach one another that there is SOMETHING beautiful in everyone. I think it would be a very cool idea for whoever wins this book passes it along in some sort of giveaway, or if its just passed on to another friend who continues to pass it on! Sign the inside cover as #1 and the next person#2! Just an idea! Ill have to read it sometime!

Jennifer lathan.

Melanie Reller said...

cool giveaway! I love to read!!!
ammyzan @ gmail dot com

Carriebearwcu said...

woot! I love reading books like this. There's a book I read when I was 13, I think, called Fat Chance. I freaking loved that book because while I wasn't nearly as bad as the main character in the book, I could definitely relate to her.

jonandallisona said...

I am a total bookworm so I am totally in! Sounds like a really great read. Loving your blog by the way:-)

LB said...

me, me, i wanna win! and improve my image, etc.....

i will read a whole book in one day--it's so rare that i get quiet time to read that i will stay up til 3am to finish a book (i've done this ever since i can remember)!

Jennifer Jones said...

oh my gosh wouldn't this be perfect with my new weight loss goals. i hope i win. jones.family@nc.rr.com

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