11 January 2011

DMV Roadtrip!

The other day my lovely hubby and I decided that we needed to get our new Virginia drivers licenses.  Last time we went to get a drivers license was in South Carolina and... let's just say... my dear-sweet-gentle-loving hubby came very close to being escorted out of the building.

Honestly?  Looking back in a rational state of mind?  They were being irrational and downright rude.  They basically told us that nothing we had would qualify as proof of residency... even though we had about 4 or 5 different ways to prove it, according to their special piece of paper that says what is or isn't allowed.

It was ridiculous.

But that's not the point.  We meant to do it on Friday, but got lazy, and so decided to do it on Saturday.  Then we got lazy again (are you seeing a pattern here?) and by the time we left the house (because you know I had to get all spiffied up), we were cutting it close time-wise.

The DMV closed at noon and we wheeled into the parking lot at 11:45am.  Too bad it was the wrong parking lot and we were a few miles away.  Our past experiences with the DMV told us that walking in 10 minutes before they closed would only cause a riot frustration.

So we cut our losses and decided to explore.

A left turn and a right turn ended us here.  Growing up in the mountains, large bodies of water absolutely mesmerize me.  It's so much water!  This is just a river, and it's way bigger than the lakes I visited growing up.

And then we saw this.

To which I said, "What does that say?!?!"

Upon closer inspection, it says "Flickertail State."

North Dakota (I googled it), please please please never use all caps when writing out your state nickname.

**Side Note: According to Wikipedia, this ship was built in 1967!  Neato!**

We did a little more meandering around, which led to a tunnel.  More on that tomorrow...


Rob said...

I thought the same thing when I saw the words on that ship. Whew.

Sarah Halstead said...

Cool photos! Can't to hear about the rest of your day.

Lindsey said...

goodness. i totally did a triple take!! where were you?

Tiffany said...

You freaked me out for a second! lol Yea caps was a bad idea!

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