06 February 2011

And the winner is...

So I know today is the Super Bowl and I'm almost required to blog about it, but I'm not much of a football fanatic.  So there... I mentioned the Super Bowl in today's post!


I was so excited about my first giveaway!  It's something I'd always thought about doing, but I don't really make anything and it's kind of hard to give away a photo session to people across the country.

So I decided that since I read books and love them, but don't really ever go back and re-read them, I might as well give them away to someone who will use it!  Keeps my house from being cluttered, too.

I also loved Jennifer Lathan's idea of passing the book along, so I'm writing a little bit on the inside of the book with my email address so people can continue to read and pass along the book if they so choose.

Without further ado (don't I sound so official?)... the winner is...

Melanie Reller!

Melanie is a talented photographer in Kentucky-- you can check out her latest and greatest here!

Congrats, Melanie!  I will send your book out this week!

I'm almost finished with my second book for this year, so I'll be posting about it as soon as I'm done.

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Celeste said...

So, not to ruin your giveaways, but I recommend swap.com. You can trade books and dvds with other users.

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