07 February 2011

The Super Bowl was Yummy!

Let's talk diet & the Super Bowl.

On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being I ate nothing and 10 being a gorge-fest, I'd say I was about a 7 last night.

I definitely ate food, but I went for small portions of what I wanted.  I just wanted a lot.  And maybe went back for a piece sliver of cake.

To be truthful, it's hard to tell how much I really ate because I didn't calculate it on my phone like I do with my daily diet.

Lesson from the Super Bowl: Stick to my normal routine of charting everything I eat on my phone, and I'll either be too preoccupied to eat more, or I'll see how much I'm eating and stop before it gets out of hand.

The positive thing I did was drink lots of water.

Oh, and I weighed myself after I got home.  It was depressing.  But it's going to be on my brain all day tomorrow, keeping me focused on my goal.

So for those of you joining me on this journey, how was the Super Bowl food for you?  Did you stick to your regular diet or stuff your face?


Rob said...

I'd say I was a 7.5.

LB said...

one bonus of not being invited to any parties? i'd say i was a 2!

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