22 January 2011

Yep. It's about weight loss.

I mentioned before that my original internet diaries blogs were to track my weight loss.  With all my might, I don't want to drag y'all through that.  But, losing weight is a big part of my life right now.  So how can I possibly not write about it?

Another blogger has McFatty Monday, which is awesome, and the reason I've resisted writing anything about my weight loss journey for so long.  I didn't want to be a copycat.  But she wrote this past Monday about how the accountability was good for her.  She actually posts her weight, y'all.  That is guts.

So I'm not promising that I'll write about it once a week or anything.  And I'm not even promising that I'll post my weight.  I might.  I'm actually not too shy about my weight because, well... I've always been heavier.  Me at 125 lbs and someone else at 125 lbs would look totally different.  According the the doctors, my bones are more dense.  Not sure how that works and all, but it sure does make me feel better!

That being said, I think I will share my weight.  Along with my thyroid issues.  I'm not really sure what all my thyroid issues are, except that I used to have them.  The main problems I had associated with it were that I gained weight, my heart rate was really fast, and my thumbs and feet would go numb.  I first noticed it when I had a personal trainer.  During the first workout I felt so faint that I had to lie down on the floor after 3 minutes on a treadmill.  I knew there was something very wrong.

I have to admit, I'm scared to death.  I'm scared of failing.  Of not losing weight.  But then I think... maybe this is the best way to keep myself motivated & on track.

*deep breath*

When I started weighing myself December 17th and I was at 164.  This morning I weighed in at 159.0.

No, it's not monumental, but I'm working on it.  And it'll get lower.

And no... it's not all about the numbers.  Not at all.  But that's the way I'll be measuring for now.  My goal is 130.  And my timeline is by our 5th anniversary: May 13, 2011.  The plan? Eating healthy & counting those calories, plus working out. I know, crazy idea, huh?

The 'why' behind it is simply because I know I'm not as healthy as I should be.  I've been eating as I please and hardly ever working out.

So... here goes!


Rob said...

Go for it. And congrats on the loss. Any loss is a great!

monshep said...

That's awesome! You can do it!!

Christ-Follower said...
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Lindsey Brooks said...

great job!! get the thyroid checked. i've been on meds for YEARS...would not even like to think about what life would be like without! i can refer you to a good dr!

Rachel said...

I adore you, Susan, and your bravery for sharing. I am the same weight as you now, with the same weight loss goal. We can do it!

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