21 January 2011

Polyvore love.

If you're not familiar with Polyvore, and you're a woman, please go directly to their site.  I have a friend who has played around on there before with nursery ideas and while I'd love to do nursery ideas, the rumors would spread like wildfire.  So here are some clothing styles I'd totally wear if I had, ummm, $10,000.

I love this.  It's casual, but it's cute.  There's the required sweater (since it's always cold here!), and flats.  I love flats and wear them whenever I can.

Music shirt

This next outfit, I'd totally wear if I had the guts to wear the top.  I love it, but it would not love my body shape and my hips would look huge!  I could die for these shoes though.*
*not really... I like life more than these shoes, I promise.

Speaking of shoes... here are my faves from the site!  Total cost of all these shoes?  $2,523.  The cheapest are the plaid flats at $39 and the most expensive are the adorable pink pumps with huge bows on the bottom right at $795.  *cough*cough*

What are your favorite styles these days?

1 comment:

Beth said...

Little rich for my blood, but still cute!

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