10 January 2011

The Big Three!

A few days ago I was visiting a friend's blog and noticed that she was celebrating her blog's anniversary.  I thought to myself, Self? I wonder when your anniversary is?

I bet you're on to me by now, but today is my three year blogaversary!

Happy Birthday, Occasional Genius!!

In honor of that, and because a lot of my friends have started blogging, I thought I'd share a bit about this blog's past, what brought it to where it is today, and where I plan to take it in the future.

Original post found here.
This blog didn't start 3 years ago with it's first post.  It started on OpenDiary.com as a weight loss journal because, let's face it, writing on the computer was way more fun than writing in an actual diary. That was in high school (circa fall 2001)?

In 2004, the newest and coolest way to have an internet diary, which was quickly being referred to as a 'weblog,' was on Xanga.com.  Oh boy, Xanga not only let you choose the color of your font and background, like Open Diary, but they would let you put annoying flashy things in your background!  So in all my neon-flashy glory, I had a Xanga site.  And I kept it up regularly through the beginning of 2010.

But those blogs were all private to the people that really knew me.  It was my safe haven where I could write what I really wanted and it didn't have to be politically correct or nice.  Through Xanga I made several friends who I still keep up with.  Remember Sheyenne?  I met her during that time.

Then 3 years ago I decided to go public.  I had just graduated college and wanted to write for no particular reason.  So I did.

And over the years, my writing came and went with random frequency.

In 2010 I decided to really take it to the next level and challenged myself to write a post everyday.  For awhile, I wrote two a day. I also was able to get BlogHer to add their ads to this site and make a little extra moola! I became syndicated, which was awesome, by writing about our money struggles in the past.

Overall, it's been a fabulous three years.  Chances are, you just started reading this blog over the past year.  On behalf of me & my dog ('cause he's put in a lot of hard work for this blog), thank you!  It's fun to hear your input and stories and I love reading your comments.  Thank you for being fabulous readers!


Rob said...

Happy 3 year Anny. Keep up the good work.

Sarah Halstead said...

Happy 3 Year Blogoversary!!

Tiffany said...

I used to have an Open diary account too and had totally forgotten about it until you said something. I also graduated to Xanga and had that one for many, many years. I really like where I'm at now!

You have one of the most interesting and entertaining blogs out there. I LOVE reading it!

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