23 January 2011

"I might have called 911 on him once."

Today is a special shout out to my biggest (aka: oldest) brother!  In general, he's not an internet type of guy, so if you see him, let him know I wrote something really sweet about him, mkay?

Joey is really sweet.

tee-hee... I have to give him a hard time, he's my brother! This is payback for ALL those years of growing up!

Actually, though, we weren't in the same house for most of the years I remember.  Funny, considering he's my brother, but he's actually 12 years older than me.

Joey is on the far left in the hat and I'm in the back with pigtails.
I do remember wanting to send him a sympathy card when he moved out.  Why?  Because I was sad that he moved out, and sad and sympathy sounded a lot alike.  Now that I actually know what sympathy means, this cracks me up.

And of course I would try to show off for his friends.  Once, that included careening my bike down a hill and landing on a rock so hard I still have a scar on my chin from it.  But hey, one of the guys carried me (bleeding) back to the house!  Score!

Then there was the time when he was into really, really tall trucks.  He had one that was yellow and would "climb a tree."  (As a little kid, I often pondered the idea of how a truck with wheels that far apart could climb a tree.)  Sometime happened with the brakes and it was about to roll down the mountain.  Another brother was trying to push it back up the mountain, & all I remember was "Susan, don't tell mom!"

I'm happy to report that all of my brothers are still living.  :)

Fast forward a lot of years, and Josh and I were married, living in a house that was bigger than we needed and my brother was looking for a place to live.  In the meantime, him & his daughter moved in with us.  For most people, this sounds like a nightmare.  But honestly, it worked out pretty well.  Josh and I had already adjusted to living together, and since Joey & I had grown up in the same family, we had a lot of the same habits.

We had times where we wouldn't really see much of each other for a few days, and then spend the next few nights talking until 1am.  Of course, we both would get upset from time to time, but not like the horror stories you hear.  It was nice to get to know my brother a little more.

And I might have called 911 on him once.  But to be fair, I didn't know it was him that I called about.  And if this sounds crazy to you, then you don't live in Haywood county.

Which reminds me... I need to find some rednecks in this town just so I can enjoy watching their shenanigans.

Over & out!

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