13 January 2011

THE Tunnel.

After the exciting adventure of Flickertail State, Josh and I decided it'd be a great day to go through the tunnel.  Where I'm from, tunnels go through mountains.  Here, they go underwater.

I researched it before we ever moved up here.  I knew a tunnel underwater would freak me out, so I needed to know where it was and all the stats about it, in hopes that I wouldn't accidentally end up going through the tunnel and dying on the inside.

Have I told you about my fears before?

So after all my research, and the fact that it's daylight (Josh has tried to get me to go through the tunnel at night several times and I have respectfully declined), I agreed to go through the tunnel.

I started getting butterflies in my stomach about this point in the trip.  Do you see the water on the sides of the picture?  Do you see the tunnel going down down down?

Me: "How long is this tunnel?"
Josh: "About 8 minutes."
Me: "EIGHT MINUTES!?!??!?!"

But hey!  Good news!  This was the wrong tunnel!!!  There is a much longer tunnel, but this wasn't it!

I felt like getting out of the car and doing cartwheels.  The 45 seconds we spent in this tunnel were some of the longest seconds of my life.  8 minutes?  I would have gone into cardiac arrest.

But when we came out of the tunnel, this is what awaited us.  Beautiful, huh?

Maybe the sky here isn't too bad after all.


mikedominice said...

Those tunnel picks are album cover material. How much you want for em?

Rob said...

Great pics. Have you seen the movie Daylight? Don't you ever watch it. Promise you'll never watch it!

fowler said...

Haha-- Mike, you got it!
And Rob- I'll heed that advice-- when you get a chance, ask Josh about when he made me watch Texas Chainsaw Massacre...

Beth said...

I think I would have a little trouble in an underwater tunnel, too. Isn't there one that runs under the English Channel?


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