14 January 2011

Step By Step... ooooh baby!

Okay, this has nothing to do with NKOTB... I just needed a title.

For my birthday, my mom gave me this album kit.  That was June and my life was busy.  One thing led to another and I'm embarrassed to say that I just now got it out and made it!  It's been nice living life in the slow lane for awhile and getting to do the things 'I'd do if I had more time.'

And let me tell you... this kit is awesome!  It has each page planned out for you so that you can just find everything that says 'Page 1' on the back, and put it on the page according to the picture they show you.

For those of us that love to be creative, but get stuck and spend hours agonizing over every detail, this is perfect!  Of course, if you're not like that, then you can make it however you want!

Ellie prefers to play with the packaging.  It took me 3 tried to get this picture because every time I tried to snap one, she looked away.  She is good about not getting caught in the act.

The package said that it was a one hour project, to which I thought, 'yeah right.'  But honestly, it took less than an hour!  That's not including putting the pictures in there-- I'll do that over the course of the year.

Overall, this is such a cute idea!  Low pressure on the creative side, and makes a great gift.  My mom has a similar one that is pre-made for monthly photos of my niece, Rylie.  She just picks one picture a month and puts it in the album.  Super easy and a great way to look back at her first year!
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