12 January 2011

It finally happened.

Well folks, it finally happened...

An iPhone for Verizon!

My husband might be more excited about this than he was on our wedding day.  It's debatable, of course, but let me do some math for you.

He first learned about (or 'met') the iPhone on January 9, 2007 when it first arrived into this world's market.
Today is January 11, 2010.  That's 4 years and 2 days of anticipation.

He met me on April 13, 2004.
We got married on May 13, 2006.  That's 2 years and 1 month... and it's not like he was anticipating our wedding day that entire time.  He had to learn my middle name and stuff like that first.

So, essentially, Steve Jobs and Ivan Seidenberg have made my hubby wait longer than I did.

And he say's I'm always running behind.

So who out there will be getting the iPhone on Verizon?  Personally, we never switched to AT&T for it because Verizon is by far a better carrier for the area where we used to live.  Plus, all my family is on Verizon, so it's free to call them.

Me?  I'll be staying with my brand new Samsung Fascinate.  I just got it 10 days ago and it's a good little phone.  I love Apple products, but I'm okay with waiting for the iPhone until my next upgrade... 2 years from now (assuming a touch screen phone can last that long??).*

*This may not actually be true.  We'll see.


Melanie said...

you know what is sooo funny? I just upgraded my at&t phone last month and didn't want the iphone. but now that ANOTHER carrier has it and I know that so many people are going to get it I kinda secretly want it. lol. ;-)

Rob said...

I'm trying to talk Mon into getting the iPhone for Verizon. We will see.

Sarah Halstead said...

We may get them when or contract runs up next December. Seems so far away.

BetnyNonnie said...

My husband is trying to talk me into getting the iphone too. I have Verizon. I have NEVER had a smart phone, I have only been texting for like a year! We shall see.... HAHA!

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