08 January 2011

Our goals for 2011.

I warned told you I'd get back to you about our family goals for this new year.  Josh and I are absolutely ecstatic about them, mainly because we didn't think we'd be this far along right now!  But we set high goals, and we hit them (thanks to God)... and it feels good!

Financially speaking, we have three goals for this year:

Three months of living expenses
In case anyone hasn't noticed, the economy has a way of going up and down.  Having a three month cushion allows us the financial security that even if things go south quickly, we will have three months to figure something else out.  If you think about it, 3 months is a lot longer than you think... 3 months ago, Josh started talking to this church way up in Virginia... and now we've lived here for a month already.

In May, we'll celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary.  We are so thankful for these past 5 years and have really enjoyed them.  However, we've always been very focused on our finances, and the last vacation we went on (just the two of us) was our honeymoon.  So we've decided that we're going on a fun vacation. Originally we said Disney Land World (I always get them confused), but now we're thinking New York City.  Wherever we go, we want to be able to go out to eat and not order the cheapest thing on the menu, so we'll be saving for a nicer vacay.  If anyone has a vacation home, we're definitely open to that as well!!

A second car
Truthfully, we have 2 cars.  But one is a bit of a collectible that we're selling (1974 VW Beetle, in case you're interested and living in the Hampton Roads area!).  Our main car has 290,000 miles on it.  It runs well, and we love it to death (gas mileage, anyone?).  Now that we're getting some savings under our belts, we're looking to getting a second car.

Now, we probably won't get the Nissan Cube, but something about me wants it... I think it's because I like things symmetrical, and because it's not symmetrical, I would feel like a rebel driving it.

Petty, dumb, I know... 

So those are our financial goals for this year... what are your goals, whether it be financial or otherwise?


Rob said...

Goals = improving my blog, jogging in a 10k, and not dropping one of our babies when they are born in April.

fowler said...

Very good, Rob... although babies are pretty resilient.

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