09 January 2011

You've been WEC'd

You know the stickers that people put on their cars that have three initials?  Like OBX is for 'Outer Banks, NC' and so on.  At our church, we have WEC (Waters Edge Church) magnets.

Which can be confusing for some, who really like World Extreme Cagefighting.

The magnets used to be white with black writing, but a while back they changed it to black with white writing (see below).  Now, the white ones are like retired beanie babies-- everyone wants one!  There have even been a few thieves.

But if you ever come out of the grocery store... or Wal-Mart... or a friend's house... or wherever you've been... and you see yours has been turned upside down, you've been WEC'd.

It's like saying, "Hi" to other people from the church.  If you see your magnet upside down, you know another WEC person has been by there and saw your car.

Should be creepy, but it's not.  Have I mentioned?  I love my church.


Beth said...

I love it!!!

Rob said...

It's fun at first, but when it happens multiple times in a day or you realize you've been driving around with it upside down it becomes a lil bit much. On the other hand I love that we have our own game to go along with our WEC magnets.

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