26 December 2010

New things.

Yesterday I mentioned spending time with my family for Christmas, and how much it means to me.  I'd like to introduce you to a new part of our family...


You thought I was going to say we were having kids, didn't you?

At any rate, WEC is our new church home.  It's the reason we moved to Virginia.  I specifically remember when Josh started interviewing with them and I said, "Don't waste their time, honey... we're not moving to Virginia."

Anddd.... here we are.  And I'm glad!  It was a wonderful move, and definitely the right thing for us to do.  For the first time since we got married, we're in a place where we feel like we'll be for a long time to come.  I'm a little sad that our future kids won't have a country accent, though.

The stage at WEC.  It doesn't normally look like this... they were rearranging pretty much everything for Christmas.

In case you missed the post I made about it, WEC = Waters Edge Church.  WEC is just a heck of a lot easier to say!

 They love him here... who wouldn't?  My favorite part so far was the week that many people learned he could play piano.  To me, Josh is a piano player who recently picked up guitar.  But here, most people had only heard him play guitar.  After hearing him play piano, one guy actually called him a "musical ninja."

I have to admit, I think so, too.  He's ridiculous when it comes to music.  And this is exactly where we need to be.

So even though our blood relatives are 8 hours away, we're building a new family of friends here.  And we love them.  We already feel like we can count on them when we need something, and hopefully they feel the same way about us (I think they do).


Devin said...

So glad you feel that way! :)

BluNBlond said...

YAY! I am SO glad you are both here at WEC and on the staff team! Josh is a ninja! He's doing a great job!

Bethany Poteat said...

We are SO very thankful for you guys! God has blessed WEC and us with you both!

Sarah Halstead said...

Very cool. I was wondering why you all had moved here. :)

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