07 January 2011

Did I mention my mom used to model?

When I was little and would tell people there were five kids in my family, after the initial, "Five?" they would say that my mother didn't look like she'd had five kids.

I really, really hope I got those genes.  But as far as I can tell, I got very little from my mom... a little bit of my eyes.

As in, I have the same color eyes... but that's about it.  If there weren't pictures of my mom pregnant with all of us kids (individually, lol)... we'd probably have a lot of adoption rumors running around.

I mean, really... look at us.

Have you seen any siblings look so unlike each other?  We can't even lean the same way. We're all different heights, three or four different hair colors (when they're all natural), and we all smile differently.

Oh, and did I mention that my mom used to model?  This was before all of us... when she lived in Hawaii.

Doesn't that sound so exotic?  My parents met in Hawaii... when my mom was a model... then they got married (in Hawaii) and honeymooned in Hawaii.  Then they moved to NC where they've lived in the same zip code for the last 30 and some odd years.

She'll shrug the modeling off, though because, "Oh, it wasn't a big deal."

I haven't exactly done any modeling lately.  Have you?

I found these pictures hiding in a drawer.  A lot of them are ruined from water damage and random things that happen to pictures over the course of 30 years.

But you know what?  Us kids treasure these glimpses into our parents past.  When I found them, I wrote about it on facebook.  Instantly, one of my brother's responds, "Post them!"

As if I would do anything else...

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Rob said...

That's interesting. My brother and I don't look anything like each other. I joke that he looks just like the mailman. It's a bad joke but we can't figure why he looks so different then my sister and me.

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