24 January 2011

Okay, so Virginia has some pretty skies, too.

The other night Josh & I spent time with our "adopted family" here in Virginia.  Before we moved up, a new friend's mom offered to be our "adopted parents" if we moved.  It was a very sweet gesture, seeing as how I am super close to my family and they're now 7.5 hours away.

Luckily, their house feels a lot like my parents house.  The kind of place where within 5 minutes of being there, you feel comfortable getting your own drink out of the fridge.  And although the view is very different, they both have breathtaking views.

I'm in love with capturing pictures with water and docks and ships and everything related because I've never been up close with a lot of this stuff, and certainly never lived near them!  So that night I hurried outside to take pictures of the sunset.

Little did I know that those pictures would look downright pathetic to what I would capture a little later in the evening!  I promise... other than putting 'Fowler Photo' on there, the only editing was darkening the black areas a bit.  It was really just that gorgeous.

I have to say, if I have to be this far from the mountains, at least I can still have some of the beautiful skies!


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Those are some gorgeous photos, young lady!!

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