25 January 2011


Ever been totally fascinated by something and you're not sure why?

I am totally fascinated by water and boats and everything related to living near the ocean.

Part of me wants to go out on one of those smelly boats where you fish all day long and it's really dangerous.  You know... like on TV.

Which is funny because I hate smelly things, getting dirty, and I'm not too fond of water.

My parents used to have a hot tub and I rarely got in it because afterwards, it meant you had to dry off and deal with a wet bathing suit.

Heck, when I skip the gym, it's not because I don't want to go, it's because I don't want to get a shower afterwards.  Because of the water, it means I'll have to do my hair & make-up and reapply lotion all over again.  And then you have a wet towel...

So really, my whole intrigue with the water now is kinda crazy.

Maybe it's the direct influence of my new Sperry's that I bought for $10.  Yes... $10.  One shoe is a size 6, the other is a 6.5.  Do you see me caring?  Nope... a half size doesn't feel different once they mold to your feet.

Oh yeah... and they were $10.

But it remains... something oh-so-captivating about the coast.

It's different than the mountains, but it's peaceful.

And suddenly I realize why people love the water so much.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not decorating my guest bathroom in a nautical theme yet, but I do think the water sure is pretty.


LB said...

these are sooooo pretty! your next assignment for me is some pics of/on our boat!

shannon*bear said...

I love your $10 Sperry's :] These photos are lovely also, very nicely done!

BluNBlond said...

very cute shoes!
I like the water/beach too. even though I live close I don't go often, I burn very easily and the reflection hurts my sensitive eyes, but I still love it anyway!

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