24 January 2011

I Heart Faces: Innocent Wonder

This challenge almost stumped me.  It's been so cold here I haven't had many sessions so my mind is starting to turn to mush!  But, thanks to my awesome Facebook fans, I was reminded of this image!  This was an outdoor session turned bad-- it was so cold that after two shots, we had to go inside.  I have to say, though-- they were great sports!

I'm not big on posing, so what made this particular moment amazing was that he wasn't posing at all.  If memory serves me, he was looking at his dad when I snapped this one.  Especially awesome when you know their sweet family!

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Janell said...

so sweet!

candacesoon said...

He's adorable...I want to pinch his cheeks! Great capture!

Kasey said...

I like the angle you used. Sweet pic.

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