22 December 2010

I am definitely a pet lover.

Recently I went to dinner with Rob from RobShep.com & his beautiful-and-pregnant-with-twins wife, Monica.  We had fun and all, but on the car ride home, our relationship went to a screeching halt as Monica shared with me that they... that they... are not...

I can't even say write it.  They don't have cute little furry animals to wake them up every morning.  They are not pet people.

I'm not sure I've ever met someone quite like this before.  My grandparents weren't big pet people... as in, they only had one dog for a long time.

Growing up, we had no less than 20 pets at all times.  We had 10+ acres, and most of them were goats and fish that lived outside.  But they all had names, and they were all very much cared for and... dare I say... completely and utterly spoiled.

I have to say, I've kept up the tradition of spoiling our animals.  My cat epitomizes every cat stereotype.  She sleeps all day, doesn't know the meaning of personal space, and prances out of her litter box like it's a bubble bath.

And Jigsaw?  Well, the dog poses for photos for me on occasion.  He might be scarred up a bit, but he's a great model.

Heck, Max was just way too exhausted from his tough life to even participate in the pictures.  He had a nap that needed his attention.

So yes, I'm a pet person.  I couldn't imagine not having these furry little kids running around the house.  They make me laugh, make me cry, and annoy the ever living heck out of me at times.

But they are so. darn. cute.

And they will do anything for me.  Especially this guy.  He's the man of the house when Josh isn't around.

And like any good man, he does whatever it takes to make a woman happy.  That is one smart dog.


Sarah Halstead said...

Aww! Cute post. Love the photos.

Rob said...

Very cute pics, but I'm still not a fan. For a list of 50 reasons why I don't own a pet check out...http://www.robshep.com/2010/03/50-reasons-why-i-dont-own-pet.html. Oh and if you think we are hardcore you haven't talked to Jamey about pets.

Melanie said...

We have 3 dogs: a great dane, blue tick mix; a black lab; and a yorkie pomeranian. And two cats. I couldn't imagine life any other way.

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