06 May 2010

Ramp Convention - Part One

I took so many pictures that I'm breaking this post into 3 parts.  Get excited.

First,  may I introduce you to the Annual Ramp Convention.  It's held the first Sunday in May every year at the local American Legion.

In case you can't read the sign.

The first one was in 1954.  And I'm pretty sure I've been nearly every year since I was born.  Great memories.

This is a ramp:

Two ramps, actually.

A ramp is a wild onion.  And boy, are they ever stinky!  Think onion mixed with body sweat.  On your breath.

This is what their leaves look like:

And at the Ramp Convention, they put ramps in alllll the food.

Trust me... this plate is full of ramps.  I'm not even sure how they cook them into some of it!

Oh, and then there's the Ramp Eating Contest:

It's the highlight of the day.  Whoever eats the most ramps in 3 minutes wins.  Last year they had a tie, so they extended it for another minute.  And then there was another tie. So extended another minute.

It was disgusting.  My stomach began churning.

I think that's why they changed it to 2 minutes this year.

I don't blame them.

And here's this years winner!  He's won every year for the past decade (as far as I know), except for last year.

Yup.  I know this is one of the most redneck things you'll ever see.  But to me, it's home.  And when Josh entered the Ramp Eating Contest one year, I knew he loved me. 

Part Two tomorrow-- Politicians and Cloggers.

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Beth said...

I went to school with the ramp champion! :-)

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