07 May 2010

Ramp Convention - Part Two - Politicians & Cloggers

There is one very specific year I remember from the Ramp Convention.  I was young and we sat on the pine needles on a hill.  It was election year, and by the end of the day my entire shirt was covered in stickers in support of candidates.

And this was back when they had the huge stickers.  You could eat off of those things!

At any rate, my shirt was pink before all the red, white, and blue stickers covered it.  And I'm pretty sure that the shirt was ruined because of all the goop still stuck on it after the stickers were pulled off.

Because of this memory, and this memory alone, I love election year.  It is so strong that sometimes I want to go into politics.

Then I remember that I'm just not that tough.  But then again, I've done door-to-door sales.  Sucessfully.  In Atlanta.  So maybe I am that tough.

Either way, I know very little about government and politics.  I'm just too green.

(Cue music & Kermit the frog: "It's not easy being green!")

I digress.

This is hands down the best way I've seen anyone work for votes.  Meet David Sutton.  No promises, no speeches.  Just willingness to eat ramps.*  And when all was counted, he got the most votes!  He did not eat the most ramps, though.

*I made this up.

Then we have Joe Sam Queen. He is literally everywhere.  If there is a function, he is there. Those pictures on his website don't even show the half of it.

To be honest, I have no idea if he is Republican or Democrat.  I'm thinking Democrat, but he doesn't hide behind the issues.  He gets to know the people.  He is out and about and rather than making every conversation political, he just talks to people.

And everyone loves him.  That I know of anyway.

He's a politician, so I'm sure that not everyone loves him.  But he's definitely a likeable guy.

And in high school, my friends asked why my dad was walking in front of the band during the Christmas parade wearing a suit.

Not. my. dad.

It was Joe Sam Queen.

Now they're not spitting images or anything, but for some reason, I totally see the resemblance.

Bonus: my dad actually has a twin.  I totally want a picture of the three of them!

And last but certainly not least, we can't forget the cloggers!

I can't tell you how many times I pretended I could clog.  Oh, to have a poufy skirt and clogging shoes!

That's heritage right there.

In fact, turns out that clogging originated from square dance teams in Asheville.  And it's the official dance of North Carolina.  And, the Clogging Capital of the World is Maggie Valley.

How did I not know this? Seriously... google it!

Everyone knew it but me.

There was only one group this year.  In the past there have been several on any given year, but it's slowed lately.  Wonder if it's a dying art?

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