05 May 2010


Don't leave.  I know that my readers are probably split right down the middle on this one, but I love Starbucks.

Sure, it's expensive.  I'll give you that.

But they really do take care of you.

And the coffee is magnificent.

But you know what?  Everytime I go through the drive thru with the dogs, they fall in love with them.
And the way to my heart is through my dogs.

And my hubby.  But they better not fall in love with him.  I wouldn't like that.

Then there's the time when I ordered a Venti (large) and changed my mind & ordered a Grande (medium).  They had already started making the Venti, so they just gave it to me at the price of the Grande. 

"No sense in throwing it out and starting over" is what they said.  I agree!

Oh, and last week.  I went through the drive through at 9:11pm.  They closed at 9:00pm.

"Can you make just one more?  Please?"

"Well, we already closed out the cash drawer, but if you pay with a card, we can make one more."

Really??  Who does that?  If you were the employee would you want to do that?  Sad to say, I wouldn't want to!  But man, that coffee tasted awesome!

And then there was the time they had an extra drink.  They'd already made it, so they offered it to us.  Like it was even a question.  Yum!

Then there's the time that our car broke down in the drive through.  As Josh put it in neutral and rolled past the drive thru, I went in to pay for the drinks.  When I asked how much, they guy just said, "Don't worry about it... you've had a rough enough day."

A couple other things they do:

  • They give leftover coffee grounds to anyone who requests them for composting.
  • They actually recycle and work hard to do it!
  • And they participate in Fair Trade, which provides fair prices for the farmers they buy from.
  • They sell Product Red goods (providing money for AIDS medicine)

So yes, Starbucks is expensive.  And it's definitely a luxury.

But it's so worth it.

Okay... well at least it's yummy!

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