29 April 2010

Spare room update

Oooo... Check out our room.  You're jealous, right?  I mean, everyone wishes they had a perfectly bare room with cold white walls and no furniture in it, right?

Well, if you'll remember the picture from before, I'm just excited that I can see the floor!  It's carpet, by the way.  I was hoping for hardwood.  No such luck.

Hey!  Furniture!  A huge dresser, and a bookshelf!  The room is practically brimming with excitement now.

Aren't my books pretty? (don't answer that)  And yes.  The Bible, Stephen King, and The Kite Runner are all on the same shelf.

I'm just glad everything's organized and clean!

Oh wait... where'd this picture come from?  It's not supposed to be here.  Clearly someone photo-shopped my bare clean room.  Wish they'd of put a bed in there while they were cutting & pasting.

Another day, another day.

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