09 January 2014

Blessings & Luxuries Even in the Rough Moments.

2014 hasn't been my favorite year so far.  It started with watching someone I love go through a health crisis.  Then we ran out of oil to heat our home which made for quite a drafty 24 hours.  $600 later we had heat for (hopefully) another month.  Getting estimates from companies for switching to natural gas to heat our home ($$$$).  Getting sick myself, which rarely happens.  And not just a normal sickness that gets worse & then gets better, but this warped sickness that gets better, then worse, then better, then worse, and leaves your head spinning.  Headaches, earaches, body aches, too hot, too cold, sleepy.  I'm over it!

Oh, and then there's the Saturday night we spent at the hospital for my husband.  He's fine, kind of.  He is having gallbladder issues for the billionth time, and is now on a diet where even tap-water is on the bad list (yeah, that's not working out too well).

On Sunday he dropped a plate on the floor & it broke.  I broke.

It was just kind of laughable how many things happened to us all at once.  I'm pretty strong.  I can take one thing.  I can take two, but hit me with a new drastic situation every day for 5 days & I start to wear down.

But again I come back to the awesome grace of God.  How blessed I really am.

I have luxuries.  Time, money, a roof over my head, health.  Sure, these things aren't as plentiful as they were last week, but that doesn't change my blessings.

I know I've been writing about this topic of blessings & luxuries a lot lately, but it's really been on my mind.  And it's my blog, so I can do what I want.  :)

So tell me, what blessings & luxuries have been hitting you in the face lately?

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Scott Keenan said...

susan, first off...love the blog, your thoughts, outlook on life and the way in which you write karrieanne have been so blessed lately with two big things (and alot of little things that god does in his timing). for one our dream home will be finished in a mere 8 days. 7 months in the making, a 2 year journey from starting over and a lifetime of hope will come true for us on 17 jan we are blessed to see jeremiah 29:11 come to life on that day. the second thing is the god continue to surround our family with angels that continue to show up at the right time and care for our families needs beyond our wildest imagination. we are blessed with health, joy, peace, comfort, and endless amount of friends and family in christ....but most of all we are blessed to love like jesus does #leadmetothecross

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