19 October 2013

Us lately.

Lately?  I've been a bit busy.  You know, buying a house & such.  But in typical Fowler style, we make sure to make time for each other.  So even if the house is a disaster (which bothers me more than it used to), we're still going to make those family memories.  

Which is why I jumped out of bed at 9:30am this Saturday morning.  Normally, we lay around the house like lazy bums on Friday and Saturday until one of us has something to do in the outside world.

But this morning I realized... this is our last chance to go to the pumpkin patch together!  It closes at 5pm, so we can't go after work, and next Friday is when our friends are getting together to carve pumpkins.  AND WE'RE MOVING NEXT WEEK.

So at 9:30 I realized this.  I also felt the strong urge to find a Halloween costume for the little one today.

We're strange.  We play biting games.  It's strangely cathartic for the person biting.  :)

I know.  A+ parents right here.

Go ahead... find something cuter in this world.  I dare you!

And then there's this.  I'm sorry.  What?  How did she grow up so much in one little year?

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