04 October 2013

Rattlesnake tail, coyote tail, and all sorts of other vacation fun!

I haven't updated on our family in awhile.  We've been on vacation this week so here are a few things that we've been up to:

Finding ridiculous posters.  Please notice that the green cup is for the 'girl with hangover.'  I can't even...
Happy baby girl.

My man working hard.  Yes, even on vacation.  If there's something that needs to be done, he's going to do it.  I love that about him.  He values family time, but also doesn't expect things to just be given to him.

And we have quite an assortment of photos like this: 
Then we have four little monkeys jumping on the bed.

And two little monkeys not willing to share their Paw.

And this.  Sorry it's so dark, but it's pretty awesome.  This is my parents living room on any given day.  This wasn't a family reunion.  No one was invited.  It was just my siblings picking up their kids at the end of the day.  One sibling & his wife is missing, as well as Josh.  The best times are when everyone is up here, crammed in one room.  There are actually 11 people in this photo.

Doing a little work isn't so bad on vacation when this is your view!

 Three little monkeys jumping on the bed this time!  Notice the little chairs.  They brought them from the living room into this bedroom so they could climb on the bed.  All three are within 6 weeks of each other age-wise.

Love this crazy kid.

Totally not scared of anything.

Swinging with mommy!

 And mommy taught her to swing like this, too. She was a fan!

Then we went to Paw's office & he had lots of fun toys to play with.  Rattlesnake!

Sweet baby playing the ukelele!

Playing with a coyote tail.

Drinking Paw's homemade apple cider!

Not at all willing to give this saw up.

And we finished it off with a little harmonica tune.  In which she hummed into the harmonica.  :)

Then Paw took her to town & bought her a necklace!

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