30 July 2013

UNREAL: Product Review

 I've been wanting to try this product out for a little while.  On my quest to eat healthier, more wholesome foods, I've tried to stay away from more processed foods as much as possible.  But today I was craving some chocolate & was at the store & picked up a pack of these:

Chocolate coated candies (think M&Ms) made by Unreal.  I think that's their name?  They have a whole line of candy- you can get it at a lot of stores now, including Target & Michael's!

The short of it:
-they're delicious-- way tastier than M&Ms!
-they're are not as bad for you as M&Ms

Now, that being said... it's not like they're healthy.  They're not vegetables.  They are not going to make you lose weight.  BUT... they are definitely not as bad for you as M&Ms.

According to the packaging, they don't use artificial flavors, corn syrup, preservatives, or GMOs.

GMOs are huge, y'all.  They have serious health effects, and they are popping up in pretty much everything you eat!  Here's an article breaking down the only (to my knowledge) long-term research done on the effect of GMOs (with links to the original research report so you can read it for yourself).

So if something doesn't have GMOs, then that's a huge win for me!

The other biggie for me is that they don't have artificial dyes in them.  Hello Red 40 can make your kids bounce off the flippin' walls!  But these are colored with things like beetroot juice.  And the red one?  It's definitely the tastiest-- kind of tastes like a chocolate covered cherry!

And did I mention that they're delicious?  Like a mix between milk chocolate & dark chocolate.  Mmmmm...

Now, because they don't have preservatives, they expire more quickly.  I was halfway through a bag before I realized that my bag had been expired for 45 days.  It was still delicious and didn't show any signs of mold, but I'll make sure to check that next time before buying!

In the end, please remember-- it's not a health food. It's not free & clear of bad ingredients.  It's not a raw food.  But it is better for you than most of the other junk food on the market right now, and that's a step in the right direction!

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