03 July 2013

I tend to over-think things...

So I decided to sign Hazelnut up for gymnastics.  It was a hard decision.  This is what's been running through my head this past month:

1) I want her to do gymnastics!
2) Is she too young?
3) Yes, she's too young.  I don't want to be that parent.
4) People keep telling me I should sign her up for gymnastics-- people that don't even know I was considering it!
5) She loves to tumble & she falls really well.
6) Yes, I should sign her up.
7) Am I only signing her up because I always wanted to do gymnastics when I was little? (Which I did, but not until I was in upper elementary school.)
8) No, I'm not going to do it.  She shouldn't have to do gymnastics just because I like it.
9) More people suggested I sign her up for gymnastics.
10) Am I losing my mind?
11) I've put way too much thought into this silly thing.
12) It's pretty cheap.
13) She's too young.
14) More people suggest that she would be good at gymnastics.

So yes, in the end, I decided that I think we'll go for it.  It's not like I'm throwing her in competitive gymnastics 6 days a week at 18 months.  We're doing an hour a week in a mommy & me style class.  We'll have fun & see if we want to sign up again the next time around.  Hazelnut enjoys when we go on outings like this, so I'm sure this will be fun for her as well!

And yes, I'm entirely aware that I put way too much thought into this decision.  See #10 & #11 above!

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