31 July 2013

Meyer's Soap: Product Review

Another product review?  Yep!

Target had a small sample bottle for $1 & I'd always wanted to try it.  I did, and I'm hooked!

I've used the spray cleaner, dishwashing liquid, and the hand soap.  I love them all!  My favorite scent is Lemon Verbena.  Oh man... I'm just going to buy that all the time now!

Does it clean as good?
Yes!  I mean, I don't have any scientific studies coming from my kitchen, but from what I've done, I feel that it cleans great!

Does it last as long?
Yes... and no.  I don't have to use any more product than I normally would while cleaning, but I've found myself cleaning much more often, so I am going through it quicker.  I just love that smell and the glean of a clean countertop.  The scent sticks with my hands throughout the day & who doesn't love a great scent while washing dishes?

Is it worth the extra money?
It's not any extra if you're already buying name brand products, but if you're a thrifty Wal-Mart shopper like myself that jumps at anything labels $.97 then it will be more expensive.  And yes, it's worth it to me.  The products are more gentle.  I feel like I can spray the counter and then chop food on it.  When I was using bleach-type products to clean the counter, I felt like I had to clean the counter after cleaning it to get the bleach & chemicals off!  That's not what I want going into my child's tummy, or mine.

So yes, I'm a life-r now, I believe!  I got mine at Vine.com but I'm sure they sell them at a lot of places!

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