26 March 2013

When a Parent is Sick.

I read this article yesterday about moms & being sick.  We totally dealt with this last week in our house!  

My husband was sick.  I was about to head to work.  So here were our choices:

A) Husband stays home, Hazelnut goes to the sitter, I go to work.

B) Husband stays home, Hazelnut stays home, I go to work.

Seems like not a big deal, but the thing is, if I were to be sick, it wouldn't be a question-- Hazelnut wouldn't go to the sitter.

You see, I work part time outside of the home, so she goes to the sitter during my work hours.  So it feels like we get a sitter "for while I'm at work."

When we realized the contradiction we were facing, my husband just decided to go to work.


Seriously... going to work feeling awful was preferable to making that type of decision.

I have to say, I have quite the amazing husband.  He's not one of those wimpy guys that holes up when he has a cough.

And truthfully, I'm glad he decided to go to work-- I didn't want to make the decision either!

What do you do when a kid is sick?

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