13 March 2013


My kid brings me an incredible amount of joy.  Or rather, she reminds me of the joy in life.  Just look at this face... how can you not smile?

If you'll look at the background of this picture, you can see what a wreck my house is right now.  You can see baby clothes strewn throughout the floor, a cord dangling from the table, and my kid is standing on an upside down stool.

Also, she's not wearing pants.

My life is a mess a lot of times.  A LOT OF TIMES.  We're two creative, extremely busy people with a toddler.

But we continue to stick to the rule that we've kept since we got married: If it comes between a happy marriage (or in this case, family) or a clean house, we'll choose the former every single time.  I admit, it's the easy way out, too!  I'd much rather spend quality time with the ones I love rather than clean.

In the end, though, it works.  We're coming up on our 7th anniversary, and we're still wildly in love.  We have an adorable one year old who is generally happy & loves to see her parents hug & kiss.

What are the things in your life that get forgotten sometimes in order to keep your family going strong?


Tiffany said...

She is so, so cute! I just love her pictures!

Thing's that go undone in order for my family, laundry is the biggest one lol. I will let it pile up and time with friend's is definitely less of a priority. I often hear that I'm a "hermit" haha, but I'm a happy hermit! I will take time in my home with my kids and husband over time out and about with friend's any day of the week!

Anonymous said...





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