30 March 2013

Toddler Friendly Easter Basket

Last year Hazelnut was only two months old on Easter so we didn't do an Easter basket for her.  I mean, really, she had everything she could possible need, she had no clue what was going on, & I was one exhausted momma trying to balance nursing & heading back to work.

It was the same with most holidays last year.  We didn't get her much because she wasn't old enough to really enjoy things.  But now?  Well, the fun is starting to begin!  We had her birthday party, and now an Easter basket... we kind of feel like real parents.  Haha!

So here are the goods.  It's a mix of thrifty, useful, & fun. 

I'd like to track down my Easter basket from when I was a kid, but until then, we picked up a $3 basket at 5Below & stuck some tissue paper in the bottom (Easter grass would be a disaster around here).

We also got some shiny plastic eggs & stuffed hair bows inside them.  I was surprised when she started cracking them open & trying to put the bows in her hair!

The "Funny Faces" is a collection of small board books (she loves books) & the blue whale is a spout cover for the tub.  She loves the tub but is gets a little crazy in there, so I figured this would probably save us a trip to the emergency room.

I also picked up some letter & number magnets from Toys R Us for $3.  She loves playing in the kitchen but there's not much she can play with.  We only have one magnet big enough for her to safely play with so now we have a bunch!

The downside is that the magnets on the back are tiny & don't hold them up very well.  Also, I feel like they could fall out & be a choking hazard.  To be fair, the packaging says 3+.  So I'll just make sure I'm always near her when she's playing with these.

Last week at church they used the bubble machine in the one year old room.  My goodness... Hazelnut went crazy over it!  So another $1 got us a bottle of bubbles.  I'm not sure why they don't make them with childproof lids-- but you definitely want to keep this out of reach (& sight) so that you can use them on your own terms & they aren't dumped all over your carpet... or end up in your child's stomach.

But... she adores them, and they are an easy way to play together!

And some more hair bows to top it off.  We lose hair bows like it's our job.  I have plans to make a holder for them all, but haven't had the time yet.

There you have it-- a toddler friendly Easter basket!

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