27 February 2013

Hazelnut's 1st Birthday Party!


I went through several different ideas for Miss Hazelnuts first birthday party, but when I laid eyes on a Little Miss Sunshine party, I knew that it was the perfect one for her!  She is truly a little sunshine and brings smiles and giggles everywhere she goes!

I sent a friend a picture of a cake I'd seen on Pinterest and she did an amazing job!  It was absolutely perfect!  I literally had the hardest time cutting it, but I'm glad I did because it was delicious!

And another friend has a system that prints out these cute designs and then cuts them out and she glued them all together.  She also made the stickers for the cups!

She even made the banners!

For favors we decided on sunflower seeds to go with the sunshine theme!

Cake, presents, favors, and we also laid out scrapbooks from her first year.

Hazelnut loved her cupcake!

Centerpieces were also made by the same friend who made the banners & cupcake toppers.  Her machine cut out the pinwheels, she used brads to attach them to straws.  We filled mason jars with lemon heads & stuck the pinwheels inside.  It was the perfect touch!

After the cupcake she nearly crashed.  She was such a good sport the entire party.  This was only halfway through & she ended up staying awake & in a fabulous move the entire time.

Do you see that peeking through?  A friend even found a Little Miss Sunshine gift bag!

When it came to opening presents, lets face it, a one year old doesn't really care that much.  So I thought it would be fun for all the kids that did care to get a chance to have some fun.  They all gathered around and helped us open these gifts.  They all had so much fun!

Once the kids had enjoyed opening presents, they took the tissue paper over the the rug we had brought with us & they had so much fun throwing it up in the air!  The babies very much enjoyed it falling on their heads!


Overall it was a great birthday party!

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